Why You Should Say No More Often – My Annual Minimalist Game Details Inside

Why You Should Say No More Often – My Annual Minimalist Game Details Inside

How you can fill your client list with just your ideal, dream customers and clients.

Every time you name your price and someone says no, you’re above their budget, or they really weren’t looking to spend that much, and you stick to your price, good for you. 

Maybe you can sometimes get caught negotiating back and forth, drop your price to a special offer, or try to create a less expensive package or product to get people in the door…just so you can meet your income goals or pay the bills.

But in reality the more you say no to things and people, and even lower pricing, the more you’re making room for those who are sure to come into your world, happy to pay you what you feel you are worth. And while you’re at it, it’s also possible for you that as you attract more of those, they are customers and clients who have a communal trust and respect for you, and you for them. 

That world is possible for you. 

You just have to switch gears and refocus. 

And oftentimes, the best way to declutter out your business model and your energy is to start with the very simple, tangible things around you to make room for more of what you want in life.

In my FB group, we’re going to play my annual Minimalist Game.

We start November 5th.

Each person gets rid of one thing on the first day of the challenge. Two things on the second. Three things on the third. So forth and so on.

By the end of it you will have purged 231 items.

You can donate it, pass it on to a friend, sell it, or put it in the trash, but the rule is by midnight that night the items must be out of your house.

In the meantime in the FB group, as you make room in your material world, I’ll be giving weekly trainings about how to attract abundance and prosperity for things that fulfill you, like your ideal clients online, in a way that is peaceful and minimalistic for you.

And BONUS! Everyone who makes it to day 21 and completes the challenge gets a self-care prize from a local small female-owned business. 

Ready to play? Drop an emoji and I’ll invite you into my Facebook group! Hurry over, because we’re starting tomorrow!

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