You Can Build a Business Model that Thrives, Entrepreneur

You Can Build a Business Model that Thrives, Entrepreneur

 “You see something in me that I don’t see in myself. You encourage me to go after things I wouldn’t have thought of but end up being perfect for me.”

This is what my coaching client said to me recently during a call together.

This same client was able to leave a toxic work environment, full of drama and negativity, during a pandemic, and start her dream business for which we’ve built a model together that provides her endless possibilities to scale it to something BIG that over time will run itself.

At the same time, by making the bold move to go for what she wanted, investing in coaching to teach her how to get there, and mentally burning the bridge back to safety, she ignited something in the universe that started to catapult opportunity and prosperity to her like:

*The perfect opportunity coming to her out of the blue for something that seemed tailor-made for her

*Multiple $1000 in cash payments from clients that she never even would have known existed before

*The ability to show up clearly and consistently online and attracting regular inquiries, without overwhelming herself or sacrificing any precious quality time with her loved ones

This is why I keep showing up for my female entrepreneur clients. So female business owners just like you can continue to get results like these.

For you female business owners looking to get to consistent multi-six-figures and beyond with a dream team, and more peace and ease in your life, Going Global is just for you.

For you girlbosses who have just been in business a short while, and want to get to $3-5k months to start before you scale even bigger in an inherently peaceful way, Made to Thrive is the program I’ve created just for you. 

And for you business owners who have already reached mult-six figures and beyond, and are looking for someone to come along and help you restructure, reframe, and do all the social media and online marketing for you, your social marketing media dream team is here at @mediapgh for you when you’re ready to claim it. 

You can have your dream business right now, entrepreneur. Reach out and PM me today.

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