Establish a Business Support System

Establish a Business Support System

Your husband doesn’t really get what you’re doing with your whole business idea. 😬

You’ve done your best to explain your passion for running a small business. You have big plans, big dreams that you’re sure are meant for you to fulfill. 

But your husband just doesn’t get it. 

👉 He says what you want is a tall order. 

👉 He sees it as a fun hobby or a side gig, not a serious investment of your time, energy, and skills.

👉 He may even think you should be doing something else that has more immediate benefits. 

You see, when you’re starting up your business, sometimes it’s not your husband that you need to understand you fully. 🤷

He doesn’t get it because it’s not his passion. It’s not his mission.

Other women entrepreneurs get it. They’ve been there. And they know what you need is guidance and support as you build your life-changing business to impact the world. 

That’s why I’m proud to lead Made to Thrive. I bring together entrepreneur women who are ready to grow their small business and make it THRIVE with minimalistic methods that invite in more peace and ease.

They’re the same methods I used to hit my own 10k months while raising five kids, AND the same methods in the foundations of my biz that allowed me to continue to grow as I welcomed a team of creatives and my sixth baby. 

Made to Thrive shows you how to:

✨ Make room in your schedule for the things you LOVE to do and eliminate everything you don’t

✨ Spend more time with your families, friends, and enjoying necessary self-care 

✨ Infuse more peace and ease into your life every day

✨ Market your business easily and authentically while becoming more comfortable and confident showing up online

I’m opening up spots in Made to Thrive right now and inviting you into our community. PM me if you feel called to this, and we’ll decide if my program is right for you. 

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