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Are you seeking a speaker who is sincere, funny, and raw; who loves to let your audience have a good laugh while learning lessons through comedy? Marta is a memorable speaker that thrives on entertaining your audience. She’s someone who will engage and motivate your audience to take action and make a positive change for good.

 You need Marta to be your Conference Speaker, Summit Entertainer, Emcee, Audience Motivator and Workshop Facilitator! Marta can create that deeper, connected experience to entertain, motivate, inspire, and train your audience. Her keynotes, breakout groups, presentations, and exercises will have your group leaving inspired, motivated, and knowing exactly what to do to get to their next level in their fulfilled lives. 

Audience Includes:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Specialists
  • Youth Facing the Pressure of FOMO
  • Overwhelmed Parents
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Topics Include:

  • The Minimalist Method to Maximum Life Momentum
  • Turning Angst Into Amazingness
  • Eyes on the Prize to to Manifest your Dreams
  • Act As If and Live in The Present Moment
  • Busting the Myth of Having to Choose Your Family or Career – You CAN Have it All!
  • How to Attract Your Ideal Clients So They Love You, Hire You, and Refer You

Audience Feedback

I like how [Marta] just lays everything out. It makes it seem so much simpler when you hear it from her!
-Heather Abraham, Pittsburgh Today Live​
I feel calm! [...] now that I've talked to her, I got this!
-David Highfield, CBS KDKA​
Thank you Marta, I enjoyed the presentation very much and it has lit a fire under me to get back at it. Especially with my next book coming out soon.
-Page Publishing Audience Member​
I loved "Elevate" and the lovely group of speakers with the most inspiring stories! Feeling grateful with a renewed mindset.
-Elevate Retreat Audience Member ​
The event was very a positive experience for me. It has honestly changed my perspective in many ways. And it has given me the confidence and motivation to keep writing. So thank you Marta for your wonderful advice.
-How to Sell More Books Audience Member ​
You were fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your time, energy, and material with us today. I have new inspiration and energy to bust through my inner clutter that is holding me back on the marketing end. That's the most valuable thing, as you pointed out, before (and while) following through with any strategic outlines (which of course were also very helpful and valuable).
-Page Publishing Audience Member​
Outstanding! Expert advice! Looking forward to future seminars! Thanks again!
-Page Publishing Audience Member​
I thought I would drop you an email to let you know just how grateful I am for the ZOOM meeting that you did. I started following your advice instantly, about decluttering your brain, reorganizing priorities, and removing yourself from negative influences and people. Things started changing within days! I can see my dream again, and it's in a much brighter light.

Thank you so much!
-Page Publishing Audience Member​
Dear Marta, Your Seminar was "Beyond Excellent". I loved every minute of it. Most valuable tool: list what you believe are the most pressing problems the reader needs to solve and say you have a solution. Valuable insight for believers in a God: Everything happens as it is meant to and God will see to it if you stay committed.
-How to Sell More Books As You Enjoy the Journey Audience Member​
Dear Marta, thanks for the update and the information at the seminar. I worked in the insurance and investment industry for over 30 years and have heard many inspiration seminars and yours was one of the best. My book, The Waters of Crystal Lake, is a medical thriller about an epidemic in a small Tennessee town.
​-Page Publishing Audience Member​
Marta, The Visible VIP has been a FANTASTIC blessing for my brand. Simply working with you and your amazing team has supported me in a way that after two decades of being in the media spotlight... it is a new and higher level for my brand. Thank you!!!
​-Visible VIP Memeber
... You just sparked something in me! Thank you, Marta!
​-Visible VIP Memeber
I'm celebrating putting my 2 weeks into my corporate job to step away and dive into my business full time! A dream come true to be able to raise my kids and do what I love and financially support my family!
​-Visible VIP Memeber
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