How to Declutter Your Business Model with Ease

How to Declutter Your Business Model with Ease

Are you right on the edge, lady friend? 

When it comes to just making the choice to go for it and continue to invest in bringing your business forward… 

…are you on your mental yoyo between just staying safe and comfortable where you are or taking a step to do what you and your business need to continue to get your DREAM, ideal perfect clients you love while still focusing on your family and the core of what you want and who you are? 

I’m reaching out right now because you, as an entrepreneur, originally took a chance to start your business when you first brought your small business to light. 

Perhaps you made sacrifices. 

It took guts. 

And now more than ever you realize you need to get really clear on what is bringing value to your business and what is NOT, and cut the fat. Declutter the business model and marketing, if you will. 

Now more than ever, as you power through the pandemic, you want to be able to focus on what THE ♟game changers ♟ are for your business. 

What actually works to bring in clients you love to work with? 

You feel burnt out and doing all these things in hopes that one of them will stick right now and miraculously attract your dream clients that will find you online and reach out to you. 

But you don’t necessarily have the time or bandwidth to keep trying everything and hoping. 

What if… 

✨there was a way for you to be surrounded by female entrepreneurs just like you who have a vision for building your team (yes even now), who have amazing, positive sparkling personalities that lift each other up. 

✨while simultaneously having an award-winning expert marketer and entrepreneur who could tell you exactly the step by step method to attract – with just organic online efforts – more of your ideal, high-end, charming, lovely, appreciative clients who value you (YES – even now) 

✨all while weaning yourself off the 24/7 work week? 

While you let your mind dream of this amazing world, let me give you the good news that that’s exactly what you can get through my signature Made to Thrive mastermind for female entrepreneurs!

I’ll cut right to the chase because this is so exciting, and you as a business leader with a people-loving personality are SO busy, I don’t want to waste your time with filler words! 

In my Made to Thrive mastermind for female entrepreneurs, you get… 

❤️ Immediate access as soon as you join to my vault of valuable trainings and templates you can take advantage of asap so you can immediately start attracting your ideal, dream perfect clients that you love to serve online 

❤️VIP entry into our exclusive female entrepreneur Mastermind FB group so that you can have constant encouragement, accountability, feedback and motivation from other positive like-minded females in the minimalist media and mindset method sisterhood 

❤️ Exclusive 1:1 time with me virtually as we pinpoint exactly what drives you, fuels you motivates you so you can make a comfortable income doing THAT and declutter the rest out of your business model 

❤️ Weekly group mastermind sessions customized for my clients’ specific stage of business and need during which you get to interact even more on how to exactly apply it to your business model so that you do it correctly to start attracting your dream, ideal, perfect clients online that you love to work with – and how to do it by carving out just a few extra hours a week MAX as you create tons of extra free time for yourself in the rest of your schedule otherwise. 

❤️Extra implementation weeks so that you actually have the time to apply what you learn and aren’t just bombarded with information that you won’t have time to apply 

Think this sounds awesome? 

It really is. And my goal through all this is for you to get results like these… 

💸 Even through the current state of the economy, my client sold her first $4k package within a few weeks of joining my program 

💸My client just told that she’s having more calls and inquiries than ever before with her ideal dream clients 

But what does it exactly look like? 

Is it overwhelming? Is it overly time-consuming? 


This exclusive program has been re-customized for the current conditions to a brand new 6-month program packed with value for you, the busy female entrepreneur, to make the most effective use of your time.

I have a limited number of spots open for this program, so PM me today to schedule a call. My calendar fills up quickly, and you don’t want to miss your chance to get in. 

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