Why My Marketing Agency is for You

Why My Marketing Agency is for You

“What makes you different from any other marketing agency out there I may have hired?” 

Great question – and one that is asked every now and then.

Well for starters, I am not really looking to outdo your current or past marketing agencies that you may have hired. Especially if you find yourself going through many different marketing agencies over the years, because I’m looking for business leaders who are ready for me to come alongside you for the long haul to support you in your journey. 

Having said that, here’s what makes me and my team who we are and maybe a great fit for you:

💯My passion is to support businesses who help people to live their best lives and become their best selves through their practices.

My team and I’s focus is not exponential audience growth and engagement right off the bat, which just leads to more popularity online and not actual clients that are an energetic match for you to invest in your products and services. We focus on getting you in front of the right people at the right time.

🌟 Second, I mingle the strategy with the energy and mindset for a holistic approach to your business growth.

I won’t be the marketing consultant that sits there expecting you to come up with all the ideas and tell me what you want to promote and be your flying monkey with my team. We certainly welcome your ideas and give you honest feedback, new strategies, ideas, concepts. Everything we do for you will be centered around YOUR goals

I’ll gently and lovingly push back if it feels like an idea you might be jazzed about feels too convoluted or foreign to your ideal client, but I’ll never force you into anything you’re not feeling aligned with or just isn’t you. 

👉  My team and I actually work with you in your business from the inside out. Depending on where you’re located, you’ll see me and my team within your doors creating what’s needed to alleviate as much work from you as possible, truly infusing ourselves into your brand. 

I won’t make empty promises about results and I will flat out tell you if I don’t feel we’re a good match. 

In fact, my team and I may even do some digging for you to make super sure we’re not going to clash and create more drama than dreams for you (I’ve been there done that in my career to try to mold into whatever is wanted, and it’s not good for anyone involved and once again creates a block in flow of what you desire).

So there’s no risk for you reaching out because I’m not going to try and sell you into a program that is not for you. 

We do all of the work in house:

⭐ Content writing 

⭐ Photography

⭐ Videography

⭐ Web development and SEO 

⭐ Graphic design 

⭐ Email management 

⭐ Administrative scheduling 

⭐ Insights and analytics 

⭐ Engagement (If applicable)

So when an idea flourishes, we can execute it without much effort from you and your team once we get a hang of your brand. 

Now that that’s explained, another FAQ is: “What are the kind of results I can expect?”

And to that I say once again, that I won’t make any empty promises and please don’t invest in our services with any set expectations because again—that will create a block in flow for you. 

But I will say that I’ve become very well seasoned in this industry and really fine tuned our ideal client (which is what I encourage you to do).

Our current clients renew their contracts with us. 

They experience:

❤️ The ability to travel internationally often while we run the show for them in their marketing 
❤️ Amazing feedback and compliments from the community who say their content sounds exactly like them 
❤️ Client loyalty, retention, and growth

❤️ So much extra free time as we come alongside them and support them and become as passionate about your brand as you are

❤️ Featured in awards, publications, and speaking engagements because they become so visible as an industry leader

So if you’d like to give my team a shot and see if we’re right for you, now is the time. I’m opening a few spots in my Visible VIP program (and the spots are super limited so that my team isn’t overwhelmed and can dedicate the time we need to help you flourish). 

AND if you PM me now, I’m offering a free social media overview to tell you what works and what doesn’t, whether you choose my team or not.

I’m only doing this for those who reach out this week, so…

PM me now

and let’s get the conversation started. 

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