Ready for a Refresh? Take a Day for YOU

Ready for a Refresh? Take a Day for YOU

Your work life balance? It’s nonexistent.

You feel like you’re never NOT working. 

This is your reality…

…and you might even joke about it to your friends. About how you’re SO stressed. SO tired. Caffeine is your best friend! Sleep? Ha!

But you know that underneath the jokes, you’re more than physically tired. Your soul is in need of a break so you can breathe. 

And maybe all this work, work, work and no play even has you leaning towards burnout and is dimming the spark that you had for your business. (Been there)

How about a reset?

What if you started by taking ONE day for yourself?

Where all of your relaxing needs are provided for you. 

This is my invitation for you to break your work cycle and choose YOU.

My one-day retreat is for you to relax and reconnect with yourself, while also meeting and feeling supported by like-minded, soul-oriented women entrepreneurs who GET you.

All while you experience:

💆 Soothing massages and refreshing facials

🌲 Grounding and inspiring nature walks

🧘 Relaxing and centering yoga

🥪 Delicious food – including a cocktail hour and a gorgeous luxury picnic by Brie & Baskets

😍 Eye-opening and mind-blowing masterminds

…and even more.

I want you to remember that YOU matter. YOU are important. And you are so deserving of this. 

If you want all the details (date, time, etc)…

PM me.

I’ll personally invite you with the link to register. 🙂

P.S. This is an exclusive opportunity to work with myself and my team for a full immersion at the fraction of what it typically takes to invest and work with me.

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