The Time for Your Dream Clients is Now – Your Entrepreneurial Tip from Marta Sauret Greca

The Time for Your Dream Clients is Now – Your Entrepreneurial Tip from Marta Sauret Greca

Quit waiting for time to magically bring you your dream clients and income, lady! 


Yes I like to joke, but I mean that lovingly. I want the best for you. I know you can have a simple business model with hours that work for YOU while you spend more time with your family, and reach your income goals. 

It sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it?

How can you reach your income goals without overworking yourself? How can you reach your financial dreams and still have enough time and energy left for those you love?

Believe me, I was once a non-believer, too.

What I had to learn is that there is no “right” time to take the leap that will change your life. What will happen is you looking yourself in the mirror and saying that you are ready. The time to draw in the clients that you love and want to serve is not a goal for six months, a year, or more down the line. If you tell yourself that you are ready, and you believe that wholeheartedly, you can start doing it right away.

I want you to learn the same thing. It takes having faith in yourself as well as the strength to cut out all the toxicity, all the clutter that you don’t need. And, truly, there is no better time like the present to do so. The moment you decide that it’s time to simplify and achieve your goals, everything changes.

This is what I show you how to do in my mastermind — Going Global with the Minimalist Mindset. In this program, I teach established female entrepreneurs how to minimalize their business models while attracting their ideal, dream clients. As a result, they finally cultivate an income that they are happy with while carving out as much time as they want to spend with their loved ones.

Here is how the program works:

💕I guide you through deciphering who your ideal high-end, dream client that you love IS, what exactly you love to do to serve them, and how exactly you should be talking to them online to make them find YOU and reach out to YOU. We’ll declutter anything out from your online marketing that does NOT attract exactly who you want to serve.

💕You learn how to take your friendly, positive personality that people usually connect with right away when you meet them and properly express it online so that you can make those same connections without ever having to leave your house.

💕You’ll learn to have online convos and calls that actually get you ideal responses and replies from your perfect, high-paying clients instead of you constantly following up and people ghosting you. 

As you put all of these strategies and methods into practice, you’ll start to see results like these:

💸 My client went from having absolutely no clue what to post to knowing exactly what to post, and received 6 legitimate inquiries within a few weeks in my program.

💸My client received $4k worth of inquiries through her online presence (during a pandemic) while reducing her work-week to 20 hours a week.

💸My client THOUGHT she was posting clear content, and upon receiving feedback in my program she realized exactly what she needed to do to make her content attract her ideal clients! 

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see if you can say the real magic words: I’m ready. 

Then PM me and we’ll have an in-depth conversation about this. If I feel like we’re a great fit, I’ll invite you to join my Going Global program, and get you started on attracting your dream clients.

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