You Won’t Believe this Piece of Advice

You Won’t Believe this Piece of Advice

Hashtags-smashtags! Keywords-shmeywords! 

Why are we trying so hard in our business to connect with computer-run algorithms? 

😲 Did I just say that to you, femmepreneur? 

🤭 Did that just slip through my fingers and onto your screen for you to see? How could I say that to you as a marketing expert who owns a media brand???

The truth is, while finding the perfect hashtag and keyword combo over time will eventually lead to you having tons of traffic – what’s it doing to connect with the people who are in your audience right now?

And then, when the people who do find you as a result of these hashtags and keywords the gurus say you MUST prioritize, how are the people who do land on your pages and accounts because of them, supposed to feel connected to you? 

How are you going to convince them to reach out to you and become your dream clients?

There’s no convincing needed with my signature Minimalist Method that I teach to my female coaching clients, and that we implement for our clients at my media company. 

I use a simple, online, organic strategy that feels in full alignment with you and who you are, and that has your ideal clients reaching out to YOU. 

In a way that requires no sleazy-sales-pitching from you once they do reach out in order for you to pull their teeth to become your clients. 

Wanna know how that works?

I’ve had so much interest on my latest posts planning out my upcoming training for breadwinner female entrepreneurs looking to scale their biz to multi-six figures, that I have indeed decided to launch it live tomorrow in my FB group at 11 am. 

If there’s enough engagement on this first training video, I’ll launch subsequent trainings shortly after that and unveil to you the full secrets behind my Minimalist Method. But, once I’ve launched my trainings, I’ll also be deleting them from the group, because I’m going to go deeper than I EVER have before for a free training series! 

So you might wanna request to join now 🙂

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