From Immigrant to Entrepreneur – My Story

From Immigrant to Entrepreneur – My Story

If a little Italian immigrant girl who took MAJOR life detours can build a multi-six-figure business from nothing, why not you? 

Hey you – there are so many new friends on here, that I thought I’d share with you a story of a spirit being broken down and taking it upon herself to simply pull herself by her bootstraps. 

As a kid, our parents moved us here from Italy. At the time there was terrorist activity there, and for even more reasons, the future looked bleak there for a family of seven. So, my parents closed their eyes and jumped across the sea. 

Their loved ones whispered among themselves in concern. 

At first, being an Italian immigrant was cool to the kids around me, until they realized it was more fun to torment, ridicule, taunt, and marginalize what was different.

Trying to fit in as I went through the next years of school, I found myself quickly entering a social circle filled with nightmares cloaked in “friendships” – drugs, promiscuity, abuse. All the works of pure toxicity and evil.

I learned to build a thicker and thicker shell. I put out a punk-ass kid rebel facade. I failed classes. I purposely sabotaged relationships and actively did things to taint myself even more. I served up malice to protect myself. 

The school blamed my upbringing (I’m grateful for parents who love and accept their kids unconditionally, btw) and diverse background and warned others’ parents away from me. The others’ parents they were warning against me, were parents of kids who were – violently and publicly – physically and mentally abusing me regularly. 

God always intervenes, and something inside told me to stop and take myself out and be something different. 

God intervened even more, and we relocated again, allowing for a chance to reinvention.

I went to college later on and had my first baby before senior year of college with my now-husband. Some whispered, and some straight up said I needed to drop out and slow down. 

I finished college on time Summa Cum Laude with various awards…colicky baby on the breast almost 24/7 through it all. The kid is a genius, now btw. I chalk it up to all the college courses he took while in the womb. I am forever grateful to all the wonderful professors and friends who did believe it could be done, and enveloped me in love and support. 

Entrepreneurship seemed the way to go as we had 4 more BEAUTIFUL babies after him. But, for a long time, we were broke. People kept joking about why we would keep having more kids. 

We would keep smiling – pretending all was great – doing our best to provide for our babies, showering them with love. 

Btw, don’t you know that feeling, entrepreneur? Touting everything is wonderful and great and business is booming, but on the inside you’re spread thin and still living paycheck to paycheck, even though you’re self-employed? 

(And sometimes you might even say – what paycheck?)

A few years back, I drew the line. I said no more. No. more. 

No more am I staying up to whenever doing whatever my clients want me to do and letting other people call the shots about how much I should make. No more doing every possible thing for income and not having the attention span to have a conversation with the people I love. 

I was done being poor little Marta, and I was going to be my own savior, and teach life how to treat me once again.

I put my foot down, and decided my business was going to be successful. 

I sought guidance from the experts who had done it before me. I invested more than I had in this guidance. 

Luckily, when you take a leap of divinely-inspired faith, and just let go and trust God, it pays off. 

Within one year the business went from $30k years to $30k months.

All while working less, spending more time actually being PRESENT with my kids, husband, and family, with nothing but organic presence online. No ads. No complicated techie stuff. Just virtual human connection. 

And so on and so forth. 

I continue to seek guidance and lessons, continue to grow our company income, continue to work on myself and better myself and fight my own self-sabotaging tendencies. 

We continue to minimalize our business model more and more to make more time to just live life and serve others like you. The mission for me is to teach other entrepreneurs that it doesn’t matter what life has dealt you or what you’ve gotten yourself into. 

You just decide you’re done with hardship, believe that there’s another way, and seek guidance. 

I’m proud to be an immigrant female business owner who now employs a team of creatives who also are encouraged to live their lives, focus on their loved ones, and hone in on their zone of genius.

What about you? What’s YOUR why? 

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