The Biggest Myth When Scaling Your Business

The Biggest Myth When Scaling Your Business

She has over 20 thousand followers in her audience, and a waiting list to work with her.

But she didn’t know how she was going to surpass that six figure mark.

So naturally, she said to me, “If your online marketing gets me even more inquiries, I’m not going to have time for that.”

That is the biggest myth when it comes to successful female entrepreneurs who have scaled their biz to 100k and beyond.

Another myth, is that you need that huge audience to scale to multi-six and seven figures! 

And guess what YOU DON’T!

I have another client with barely 200 people in her audience, and she hit a $70k month because of our online marketing last month! 

And since we’re talking myths, let me drop a truth bomb.

The truth is, regardless of your audience…

Everything that has gotten you to this point has been GREAT but it has kept you SO BUSY.

So in conjunction with giving you a digital makeover weith your marketing, I also help you totally make over your business model too – in a way that will have you feeling ELATED, and so much lighter!

Which is exactly why our organic online marketing and strategy program is different from ANYBODY ELSE’S.

We don’t just work to get a deeper connection to your audience so they reach out to YOU and EASILY say YES to investing in your services and programs and products and schedule. Before we even do that, we help you strategize your packages, pricing, and focus and team building and systems so you can peacefully scale your revenue profitably.

Within her first session, we strategized how to quickly DOUBLE her revenue, and after just our FIRST meeting, she went from not knowing how the heck to scale upwards when she’s already sleep-deprived, working 24/7, and rushing bedtime to finish her work till all hours of the night…

…to feeling elated, excited, calling her loved ones and business partners with this new sense of endless possibilities, and knowing that she’ll be more present for her family as we do all the work for her for all of her brand’s online marketing.

All of this came from her being a part of my program: The Visible VIP.

In this program you get: 

💯 A team that COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDS who you are and creates everything you need to clearly and consistently show up for your audience organically online. Your content will be so magnetizing that your high-end, ideal client will feel like they know you without having ever met you, and in turn reach out to YOU, resulting in higher sales.

✅ We also strategize so that we understand the core of your mission and your WHY. We aren’t any other marketing team. Instead we make it a priority to know you, your voice, and the what your business means to you, so that it is always incorporated into your marketing. We make sure that you are authentically presented online, so that your audience can deeply connect with you.  

💯 AND when those inquiries are coming in and your business is growing, you have a team to keep strategizing around your business growth, so that you can keep increasing your income while focusing on the peace and ease. We handle the shifts so that you can keep your time with your family and loved ones, and focus on the aspects of your business that truly fulfill you. There is no overwhelm for you, and you’ll keep generating higher income! 

If this is right up your alley, you’re going to want to PM me now. I have limited spots open for this program, and my calendar fills up FAST. 

Make the choice to be more present for your family, and let the experts take the reins when it comes to marketing.

And hey, if you aren’t quite there yet, I’ve got you covered with my newly-established Made to Thrive program. In this program, I teach female entrepreneurs who are just starting out with their business how to quickly scale to $5K and $10K months. PM me for more details!

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