Invitation to Scale to 7 Figures in 2021

Invitation to Scale to 7 Figures in 2021

Invitation to scale to 7 figures this year.

🧘 With more peace and ease.

👪 With more time with your family.

🧠 With more space in your brain.

☮️ With more moments of quiet.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at where you are right now.

You have an amazing audience that you are so proud to have built. You’ve even got yourself a waiting list for new clients! With all the income that you’ve generated and the way you’ve scaled your business… 

…you can’t imagine going any further without super overwhelming yourself even more! 

But even though you FEEL maxed out and you tell yourself that you can’t even fathom having more…you want to go bigger.

You KNOW you can go bigger if you just had the time. Heck if you just had the brain power!

But on top of all your other responsibilities–between being a business owner and a mother–you keep getting stuck when it comes to tackling a big hurdle: marketing.

You’ve tried tailoring your posts to appease the algorithms, but they’re constantly changing. You can’t keep up with the dos and don’ts of social media as they shift every few months.

You’re becoming more visible. And that’s great! You’re scaling and growing, but you know that if you stop your marketing efforts, you’ll lose that momentum. 

With all the inquiries and growth, you don’t have the bandwidth anymore to keep creating content on your own. You know that you have to market yourself and your business, but it’s becoming too time consuming for you. Marketing just isn’t your zone of genius, but you’re reluctant to hand it off to anyone that isn’t you. 

In order to scale even more, you need to get some of the marketing responsibilities off your plate. So why not hand it over to someone who would treat your marketing with the same care as you, but with added expertise?

With my program, The Visible VIP, I bring you my team from @mediapgh to arm you with all the experts. You get an entire marketing team that works within their own zone of genius to provide you top-notch marketing, so that you can focus more on what you love to do AND being present with your family.

In this program you get: 

💯 Guidance to to help you identify your exact strategy to attract your dream business while living in more peace and ease

✅ Our award-winning creative team, dedicated to you – creating content to DISPLAY you as the must-have, visible VIP to your social, email, and blog

💯 Strategizing juicy campaigns that attract your dream audience organically and compellingly.

If this is right up your alley, you’re going to want to PM me now. I have limited spots open for this program, and my calendar fills up FAST. 

And hey, if you aren’t quite there yet, I’ve got you covered with my newly-established Made to Thrive program. In this program, I teach female entrepreneurs who are just starting out with their business how to quickly scale to $5K and $10K months. PM me for more details!

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