Get Your Head Out of Your Phone AND Scale Your Business

Get Your Head Out of Your Phone AND Scale Your Business

You don’t have to be glued to your phone to increase your inquiries from social media.

You know how you’re policing that screen time and perhaps telling your kiddos they’re on their devices wayyyyy too much…

And they call you out and they say, “Yeah but you’re on your phone and laptop ALL THE TIME!”

You huff and you puff. 😤

And say, “Yeah, but mine is for work! I HAVE to be on.” 

Maybe you add in your head, “How do you think I pay for all this INCLUDING your screen time wifi and devices?!”

Yeah, that’s bullshit that, as high achievers and successful business leaders, we sometimes tell ourselves.

No judgement there, btw. Been there! GUILTY!

In reality there IS a way for you to have ample time making eye contact with your kiddos.

Actually LISTENING when they’re telling you about that random character they seem to be an expert about and want to talk about 24/7. 😂 Ample time to cuddle, snuggle, and not rush through bedtime. 

Actually just having YOU time when the rest of the household goes to bed. And that means sometimes Netflixing till no end without guilt!

You don’t NEED to be glued to your screens to try and do it all. I know it feels like you’re the only one who can generate leads, because you’re the only one who can BE you; you’re the only one who can connect and talk about your business the way you do.

But there is another way. You can send in the pros!

People who GET you.

Experts who make it their mission to bring out the deep meaning of who you are and what you do, so that you can focus on what and who you love. 

With my program, The Visible VIP, I bring you my team from @mediapgh. You get an entire marketing team that works within their own zone of genius to provide you top-notch marketing that attracts your high-end, ideal clients, so that you can focus more on what you love to do AND being present with your family.

In this program you’ll have results like: 

💯 Receiving multiple inquiries within the first week of working with us

✅  Surpassing your income goals with sales made just from your social media

💯 Doubling your social media audience and getting more inquiries through your email

✅ Making back your investment quickly–and doubling it!–all while continuing to grow your business

💯 Experiencing clients leaning into your message, leading them to reach out and sign up with you without hesitation 

✅ Filling up your high-end programs with clients who are eager to participate

If this is right up your alley, you’re going to want to PM me now. I have limited spots open for this program, and my calendar fills up FAST. 

And hey, if you aren’t quite there yet, I’ve got you covered with my newly-established Made to Thrive program. In this program, I teach female entrepreneurs who are just starting out with their business how to quickly scale to $5K and $10K months. PM me for more details!

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