My client increased her income by X1000

My client increased her income by X1000

And just like that, my client increased her income by X1000 by the end of her Method to Minimalist Mindset and Media coaching with me. Yep, I said she multiplied her income by 1,000. That’s $$$$. Oh, I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. She struggled part of the way. She lacked belief at times. She lost some “friends” (I use that word very liberally here) who didn’t know what to do with this new empowered version of herself who was ready to show up for herself and present her talents to the world. But that’s all part of it (And I was there ready to coach her through that as well) when you decide that you are DONE playing small, and you’re going to go for it and FINALLY have the income you dreamed of. The little voices in your head will try to tell you that you can’t do it. They’ll tell you you shouldn’t. They’ll tell you to wait until you have this figured out or that figured out or you have to hold off until you’re at this point over there before you invest in your business and yourself. I’ve been there myself. ☺️ So no worries or judgment. But ** And this is important** until you make the decision that you’re going to go for it, and make a big inspired move, things will probably not shift that much. So – if you’re ready to commit, I am so ready to clear the path and show you how it’s done. I’m going to be doing a challenge in my exclusive group The Minimalist Mindset and Media Secrets – Attract Your Ideal Life where members will start to rewire their brains to be more susceptible and open to positivity and possibilities that will also teach you how to write attention-grabbing copy that will get your audience to lean in. But only if I see enough interest. Because what we do is all about minimizing and doing the thing that ACTUALLY brings the most return. So – if you want some peaceful clarity to prepare yourself for an amazing 2020, you’re going to need to request to join! Drop an emoji if you feel me so I know to moe forward with this. And here’s a pic of me peacefully galavanting in the sun between client shoots yesterday at MEDIA – The Creative Agency 😆☺️🤪⭐️ Photo cred the amazing Apples and Cinema and MEDIA – The Creative Agency photog and cinematog Maddison Wiles

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