Is this how you feel?

Is this how you feel?

I am going to go deep with you here, okay?

Is this how you feel?

You’re all smiles on social media. You’re all smiles in networking groups. You’re all smiles with your friends.

“How’s the business going?” “Great! Awesome! So good. Sooooo busy.”

“That’s good, right?” They ask.

“Yep! Great. Sooooo great!”

But deep down you feel like if someone were to just take your business off your hands today, a huge weight would be lifted from your chest.

If someone just came along and offered you a full-time position with a guaranteed salary every month, you’d take it.

Deep down – and this is going to get a bit dark, okay? Deep down, as you’re driving along on the daily, and you’ve got your hands on that steering wheel – you wish a big semi-truck would just come along and take you out of this world because of all of the pressure that’s on you every single day.

You feel stuck. You feel like that’s just the way it is.

I know – I told you it was going to go there.

But you can’t – because your family needs you, and you kinda need the flexibility of owning your own business for your own crazy life.

So you get up, with that feeling of dread as you open your eyes, and next thing you know, life is coming at you, slamming you in the face with one curveball at a time.

If you could just get that one big client – everything would be better. if you could just have enough money in the bank, everything would be better. If you could just get rid of all of that debt, everything would be better.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there.

And that it is my mission to help entrepreneurs through MEDIA – The Creative Agency’s coaching, photography, cinematography, and websites that get you and your business unstack so that you can attract your dream clients who will love you, hire you, refer you, and book you again.

My clients have been having such tremendous success, that my coaching program is full.

BUT if I have enough interest, I’ll open up another course for those of you who NEED a change.

I know you might be thinking that you’ll wait till 2020, until the budget resets – until you have more money to invest in something like that- but the truth is right now is the right time for you to make a change in you and your business that will lift that weight off your chest and attract your dream clients. And if you don’t do anything at all – you might just stay stuck in the same place when 2020 comes. Anf if you do something, you’ll have hope, you’ll have a bit more skip in your step. You’ll learn to find more peace in the chaos regardless of the situation.

I know this post is too deep to publicly comment on it for some of you. E-mail me at marta@mediacreativeagency.com if you’re interested, and I’ll get you on the exclusive waiting list for our services before anyone else.

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