Pricing Made Easy

Pricing Made Easy

“What if clients won’t hire me if I charge that?”

That’s a common fear I hear from women entrepreneurs. Before I jump into answering that, let’s think about that.

What if that isn’t the real question?

What if the REALITY of that is…

“What clients am I calling in by raising my prices?”

I think you’re going to like the answer to that. 😉

When you raise your prices to reflect what your programs are worth, and value what you’re putting out there, you call in the clients that will value YOU as a person.

They’re willing to invest in your services because they see how you can impact their lives. Typically, these clients are the ones that will be your easy “YES” and the ones that completely align with your mission.

No more bartering your prices. No more letting clients tell you what you’re worth. By making the choice to value what you offer, you call in those who respect you and WANT to pay for your services.

Finding that sweet pricing spot is one of the things that I teach you in my program, Made to Thrive, so you can attract your dream clients. 

Made to Thrive teaches you my Minimalist Method, meaning that you declutter everything not working for you and focus on what DOES, so that you can have more peace, abundance, and joy in your business and personal life. 

So you can create:

💙 A schedule with plenty of time to spend with your kiddos, get in touch with your faith, take much-deserved vacations, and even focus on self-care

💙 A thriving business that allows you to spend LESS time grinding and MORE time receiving.

💙 An easy method to market your business in a way that’s completely honest and authentic to you and your mission

💙 A mindset that isn’t clouded with brain-fog from overwhelm or burn out, and allows you to live in the moment

If this is the life you desire, PM me and let’s talk about your goals for your business. I’ll be totally, 100% honest if I can help you, because I only take on clients that I truly believe I can help

PS – PM me now, because I’m currently offering 2 HUGE BONUSES that will propel you forward to easily attracting your desires.

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