For you, the established female entrepreneur who has been in business for at least a few years. You, the one who makes her way through networking events, connections, business after hours, and makes friends everywhere you go. For you, the one loved by your clients, the one who is an expert in your industry and loves to help others with your gifts. For you, who wants to take all of this and translate it into the social and web world so that you can attract your dream clients while living a life of peace and positivity. You want to know the most minimalistic way to do this. I can help you. Let’s knock it out this year together shall we?

Hey you! By coming here, you’ve taken a step to decluttering your business for consistent income and client growth.

So congratulations! You’re now THAT much closer to attracting more of your dream clients online with minimalistic efforts while living a life in peace. 

I’m being real with you: I have limited openings for a few ambitious #girlboss femmepreneurs who have already had a good amount of success but are so done being all over the place.

This is not for the person who is new to business or isn’t willing and ready to invest in their growth now.

This is for you, who has done many things in your business to attract clients, but many of your efforts haven’t gotten you quite the results you want…

If this is you, then my signature program Mastering Online Client Attraction, is just for you…

…so that you can attract more clients INTERNATIONALLY that you LOVE to work with, all while weaning yourself off the 24/7 work week so you can be more present for your family and the things that fuel you and energize you! 

  • Without working on your business or organization  24/7…….
  • Without needing thousands and thousands of followers on your social channel or hundreds of interactions per post or email…

  • Without going to every networking meeting or event…

  • Without paying for Facebook or Google ads….

  • Without constantly hopping in and out of your car to to be here and there and do this and that…

  • Without spending hours and energy meeting cold prospects for coffee dates that don’t result in sales… 
  • Without feeling like you need to do it all yourself…

……all in just four months.

I’m going to teach you how to declutter your business model and your daily focus to up-level your income very quickly. 

…and I’m not going to be filling your head with things you SHOULD and MUST do to be successful and make you go into overdrive to achieve what you want…

I’m going to teach you how to get what you want with very minimalistic efforts through my signature Minimalist Method.

This is the exact signature method that I used to 5x my income in less than 6 months, and the same method I continued to use to 10x my income within 12 months…

…even with  a very, very full life (Juggling being a mom of 5, a wife to an entrepreneur, and CEO of multiple MEDIA brands)…

My method that I will teach you is backed by my decade of experience in marketing and business as an award-winning entrepreneur and media-recognized business coach.

In my program, you’ll know the key priorities that will result in having just your dream clients that result in more cash in the bank. Mastering Online Client Attraction – With the Minimalist Method will teach you the foundations for  just that.

In our program you’ll learn:

  •  How to minimalize your business model quickly so you stop doing things that don’t give you top ROI and stop going out there and spending all this energy on things that do not result in sales for your business
  • How to translate the personal touch you have with people in person to your online presence so that your social and web audience feels like they know, like and trust you before they ever meet you, and therefore want to work with you
  • How to increase your visibility (in a way that actually fits your personality, lifestyle, and business type) so that you are building a pipeline of followers who become buyers.

  • How to convert followers and inquiries into clients without ever feeling like a sleazy sales person

  • How to create MORE time while making MORE money. 
  • How to properly delegate and manage the help that is around you 
  • How to grow a team that is as motivated, driven and dependable as you as they serve you and your clients

We’ll answer pivotal questions that will be game changers in closing more deals such as: 

 “How do I build my audience organically?”

“How do I close more sales (and still feel in integrity)?”

“How do I price my services?”

“How do I stay consistent in the day to day?” and so much more. 

You’ll be working towards getting results like these that my clients have gotten….
  • Tracy used my Minimalist Method to go from solopreneur, to having a team,  and now being on her way to franchising her brand 
  • Bri used my Minimalist Method to wean herself from having to do it all herself, so having more time to play with her 4-year-old as she properly delegated to her team and grew her online inquiries 5x organically 
  • Nicole used my Minimalist Method to sell out over 300 spots in her international brand new program – without ads, and while getting clear on exactly what she loves to do – allowing her to quit her side job and provide for herself solely with her business 

So what does this look like over the next 4 months?



  • We first meet virtually – just me and you for a productivity-packed 90-min session to pinpoint who your ideal, dream, amazing clients that you want are, and your next steps to attracting them
  • Simultaneously, you’ll get access to my vault of units and modules that you can take advantage of right away to immediately start implementing tactics to attract your ideal, dream high end clients online naturally
  • You’ll get three :45 minute minimalistic trainings a month in a group mastermind setting with exclusive minimalistic media and mindset tips and tricks straight from the top gurus and marketers delivered by me 
  • Additional monthly 30 min 1:1 virtual sessions with me so that we can ensure that you’re properly applying what you’re learning to improve the chances of you attracting your ideal high end clients online 
  • The ability to have me review everything you create marketing, sales, team building and customer service wise to get feedback from an award-winning entrepreneur who’s a media-recognized business coach
  • VIP entry into our exclusive female entrepreneur Mastermind FB group with other positive like-minded females in the Going Global sisterhood
  • Breaks in-between trainings to actually have the time to apply what you learn




***This is not a program that will take up all of your time. In fact, my femmepreneur clients who are just like you said it subs endless hours of trying things without results, and only takes max up to two hours a week to implement and subs hours and hours they were spending doing things that were not working.

What’s the investment for this?

I’ll happily share that with you if you feel like you’re ready to make this commitment and take the next level in your business so you can attract your dream clients and income.

As long as you are committed to showing up with me at a high level and implement for the next 4 months, you’ll see the results before you even complete the program, and you’ll know exactly how to keep applying what you learn to continue scaling sustainably – with peace and positivity.

Excited for what is possible for you  in the next 4 months –  less time stressing over what you should be doing, and ample time to be with who you love, while  doing what you love instead – all while attracting online your ideal, dream clients you love to serve!

P.S. If you sign up today, we can get started with your VIP session within the next week and start creating your path to your consistent profitable months, while you grow your brand online.  

Imagine all of your dream clients that are out there right now just waiting for you to be able to help them if they only knew how awesome you are? Let’s get you paid by them, shall we?


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