I’m so excited that you want to quickly build the foundations for a consistent, comfortable income while doing what you love as you attract your ideal high-end clients online!

This is for you, the #girlboss who has a side hustle that’s got potential to be the real thing that provides for you and your family –  but you just don’t know HOW to get your business there yet. 

For you, who’s been in business for less than a year, and who needs the “scaling up” of your business to be minimalistic and peaceful so  you can continue to live your life. 

For you, who’s overwhelmed with juggling it all while trying to get to where you want to be financially with your biz .

I can help you with all of that with Made to Thrive – The Minimalist Method. 

Here’s a brief overview of Made to Thrive:

This coming week, I have openings for a few ambitious, high-achieving femmepreneurs who want to reach their income goals while being present for their families as you do only things that YOU love and attract your ideal high-end clients online…

  • Without spending hours googling “how-tos” when it comes to your business online marketing and sales…
  • Without giving away your services for free…
  • Without doing things that feel uncomfortable or out of character for you…
  • Without complicated sales funnels or techie automated stuff….
  • Without paying for Facebook or Google ads….
  • Without feeling like you have to be ON all the time and have whiplash from the different directions your clients and prospects want to take you 

……all in about 90 days

I’m going to teach you how to declutter  your business model from marketing and sales strategies that drain you. And I will help you laser in on your daily focus to up-level your income very quickly – as you attract your ideal, high-end clients that you love with simple online strategies that won’t overwhelm you. 

As you up-level, and the internal enemy brings up a lot of emotions and anxiety within, I’ll be there with tools to help yourself get past it, and keep growing to your maximum potential both financially and mentally. 

This is the exact method…AKA, “The Minimalist Method” that I used to increase my income by 5x in less than 6 months and increase it by 10x within 9 months of starting even while having a very, very full life. 

The same method I used to take my own side hustle to a multi-six-figure company with a team of creatives – all while being at home with my 5 kids. 

Instead of feeling like you need to be all over the place and be everywhere for everbody all the time in order to be successful…and posting consistently and wondering if any of it is working…

You’ll be saying, “I have so much time on my hands while actually having money in the bank from doing what I love”

That’s because you’ll know the key online marketing strategies that will result in more clients and more cash in the bank. The Minimalist Method will teach you these foundations.

In our Made to Thrive program:

*I’ll guide you through deciphering who your ideal high-end, dream client that you love IS, what exactly you love to do to serve them, and pinpoint how to structure your packages to meet your income goals (In a way that is in fully integrity with you) while doing only what you want to do and love. 

*You’ll learn how to take your friendly, positive personality that people usually connect with right away when you meet them, and properly express that personality of yours online so that you can make those same connections without ever having to leave your house – so that you can attract those clients you love with just simple online marketing strategies

*You’ll learn to have online convos and calls that actually get you ideal responses and replies from your perfect high-paying clients instead of you constantly following up and people ghosting you (Let’s declutter all that effort and energy to nowhere, shall we?)

So what does this look like over the next 90 days?

We first meet virtually – just me and you for a productivity-packed 45-min Zoom session to pinpoint who your ideal, dream, amazing clients that you want are, and your next steps to attracting them, while ensuring you have the proper systems in place to welcome them and thrive with them…AND we’ll decipher exactly what you time-suckers and energy-drainers are, and what truly brings in income for your business!

  • Simultaneously, you’ll get access to my vault of units and modules that you can take advantage of right away to immediately start implementing tactics to attract your ideal, dream high end clients online organically – without gimicky and techie and salesy or funnely tactics (In my exclusive FB group)
  • You’ll get three :45 minute minimalistic trainings a month through Zoom in a group mastermind setting with exclusive minimalistic media and mindset tips and tricks straight from the top gurus and marketers delivered by me
  • The ability to have me review everything you create marketing, sales, team building and customer service wise to get feedback from an award-winning entrepreneur who’s a media-recognized business coach

BONUS!!! Making a lot more money means you are helping A LOT more people with what you are meant to do (because I know it’s not just about income for you…it’s also about your heart and helping others). 

And by getting help NOW, you’ll drastically be redusing your risk of failure, as we design a model for your business to thrive. 

I’m excited for what is possible in the next 90 days  for you!! 

P.S. We can get started with your VIP session within the next few business days and create that daily, focused starting path to your consistent $5-10K salary months.

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