People Motivator

Hey you – are you looking for a speaker that’s sincere, funny, raw and loves to let your audience have a good laugh while learning lessons through comedy? Marta is a memorable speaker that thrives on entertaining your audience. She’s someone who will engage and motivate your audience.

Workshop Facilitator : Marta can create that deeper, connected experience to train your audience through breakouts, presentations, and exercise that will have your group leaving inspired, motivated, and knowing exactly what to do to get to their next level for you. 

Audience Includes

  •  Small Business Owners
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Specialists
  • Corporate Teams
  • Youth in need of inspiration from someone who’s been there
homepage about photo
home page about photo

Topics Include

  • It’s awful, okay awesome – turning angst into amazingness
  • How to get your web and social audience to love you, hire you and refer you
  • Your life will be what you believe – so get specific
  • The Minimalist Method to Maximum Life Momentum
  • Get specific – writing copy that converts
  • We are super-people – busting the myth for females that we have to choose family or career

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