For you. The lady who has a side hustle that’s got potential to be the real thing. The lady who knows you want this to become a real thing, but you just don’t know the how. For you, who needs this to be minimalistic and peaceful so that you can continue to live your life. For you, who wants to make enough money from your business to be comfortable and provide for yourself and your family. For you, who’s overwhelmed juggling it all. I can help you with all of that. 

I’m so excited that you want to quickly build the foundations for consistent

income and client growth and that you want support to be sure that you reach your goals!

Here’s a brief overview of The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Bank Account Mastermind Kickstarter program. 

This coming week, I have openings for a few ambitious business owners and sales professionals who are **so done** with hit/miss strategies and who desire a simple, uncomplicated path to consistent $10K months and beyond.

  • Without working on your business 24/7…….
  • Without complicated sales funnels….
  • Without paying for Facebook or Google ads….

……all in about 8 weeks

I’m going to teach you how to simplify your business model and your daily

focus to up-level your income very quickly. As you up-level, and the internal enemy brings up a lot of emotions and anxiety within, I’ll be there to help you work through it, get past it, and keep growing to your maximum potential both financially and mentally. 

This is the exact method…AKA, “The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Bank Account,” that I used to increase my income by 5x in less than 6

months and increase it by 10x within 9 months of starting even while having a very, very full life.

Instead of wondering, ”What should I work on in my business today,” and feeling like there are **so** many other things you SHOULD be doing……

You’ll be saying, “I can’t wait to sit down and do x,y,z……because I knowexactly what to focus on and how to get it done with ease.”

That’s because you’ll know the key priorities that will result in more clients

and more cash in the bank. The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Bank Account will teach you these foundations.

In our program you’ll learn:

  •  How to simplify your business model quickly so that you stop doing things that don’t give you ROI.
  • How to increase your visibility (in a way that actually fits your personality, lifestyle, and business type) so that you are building a pipeline of followers who become buyers.
  • How to convert followers and inquiries into clients without ever feeling salesy or pushy.
  • How to know EXACTLY what to focus on when you sit down at your desk. 
  • How to create MORE time (up to 2 hours a day) for yourself while making MORE money. 

We’ll answer pivotal questions that will become game changers in closing more deals such as: 

“How do I build my audience?”

“How do I close more sales (and still feel in integrity)?”

“How do I price my services?”

“How do I stay consistent in the day to day?” And so much more. 

So what does this look like over the next 12 weeks?

  • The Minimalist Method entry level coaching  starts with a VIP session with me via Zoom. We’ll focus on creating your personalized path. This is going to be super energizing for you and you’ll know EXACTLY what to do over the next 12 weeks?
  • You also get a 12-week membership in the Minimalist Method MEDIA VIP group – an exclusive Facebook community of entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are on this same path. There’s a 24/7 online community as well where you have unlimited access to the MEDIA team’s support and expertise!
  • The Startup to Sweet Success group meets weekly via Zoom in which I’ll be teaching you these principles, coaching you through implementing your plan, and keeping up your momentum and focus.
  • You’ll have everything you need to master the inner and outer game so you can multiply your income quickly.

BONUS!!! Making a lot more money means you are helping A LOT more people with what you are meant to do (because I know it’s not just about income for you…it’s also about impact).

I’m excited for what is possible in the next 12 weeks  for you!! 

P.S. We can get started with your VIP session within the next week and create that daily, focused starting path to your consistent $5-10K salary months.

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