The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Momentum with your Media and Mindset with Peace and Positivity

For you, the established female entrepreneur who has been in business for at least a year. You, the one who makes her way through networking events, connections, business after hours, and makes friends everywhere you go. For you, the one loved by your clients, the one who is an expert in your industry and loves to help others with your gifts. For you, who wants to take all of this and translate it into the social and web world so that you can attract your dream clients while living a life of peace and positivity. You want to know the most minimalistic way to do this. I can help you. Let’s knock it out this year together shall we?

Hey you! By coming here, you’ve taken the first step to quickly build the foundations for consistent Income and client growth and have support to be sure that you reach your goals. Congratulations! You’re now THAT much closer to attracting your dream clients while living a life in peace. 

Here’s a brief overview of The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Momentum Mastermind program. 

I’m being real with you: I have limited openings for a few ambitious female entrepreneurs and leaders who are **so done** with hit/miss strategies and need and want  a simple, uncomplicated path to consistent multi six figures and beyond.

  • Without working on your business or organization  24/7…….

  • Without complicated sales funnels….

  • Without paying thousands for Facebook or Google ads….

  • Without making your head spin with analytics and insights and other things that make your eyes cross 

  • Without attending every little networking meeting in a hope to meet your ideal audience

  • Without spending hours and energy meeting cold prospects for coffee dates that don’t result in sales 

  • Without trying ALL the things with NONE of the results

……all in just 12 weeks

I’m going to teach you how to simplify your business model and your daily

focus to up-level your income very quickly. And as you up-level and the internal enemy brings up a lot of emotions and anxiety within, I’ll be there to help you work through it to get past it and keep growing to your maximum potential both financially and mentally too. 

This exact signature method….AKA “The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Bank Account” that I used to 5x my income in less than 6 months, and nearly 10x my income within 9 months, even with  a very, very full life (Juggling being a mom of 5, a wife to an entrepreneur, and CEO of multiple MEDIA brands)..

This method is derived from over a decade of experience working on media and marketing on a corporate level, and knowledge from the latest, top influencers.

Instead of wondering, ”What should I work on in my business today”, and

feeling like there are **so** many things you SHOULD be doing……

You’ll be saying “I can’t wait to sit down and do x,y,z……because I know

exactly what to focus on and how to get it done with ease.”

That’s because you’ll know the key priorities that will result in having just your dream clients that result in more cash in the bank. The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Bank Account will teach you the foundations for that.

In our program you’ll learn:

  •  How to simplify your business model quickly so you stop doing things that don’t give you top ROI
  • How to increase your visibility (in a way that actually fits your 

personality, lifestyle, and business type) so that you are building a 

pipeline of followers who become buyers.

  • How to convert followers and inquiries into clients without ever 

feeling salesy or pushy.

  • How to know EXACTLY what to focus on when you sit down at your 


  • How to create MORE time while making MORE money. 
  • How to properly delegate and manage the help that is around you 

We’ll answer pivotal questions that will be game changers in closing more deals such as: 

 “How do I build my audience?”

“How do I close more sales (and still feel in integrity)?”

“How do I price my services?”

“How do I stay consistent in the day to day?” and so much more. 

So what does this look like over the next 12 weeks?

  • The Minimalist Method Mastermind starts with a VIP session with me via Zoom. We’re going to jam on creating your personalized path. This is going to be super energizing for you and you’ll know EXACTLY what to do within just a few months

  • You also get a 12 weeks membership in the Minimalist Method MEDIA Mastermind group – an exclusive Facebook community of entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are on this same path. There’s 24/7 online community as well where you have unlimited access to the MEDIA team’s support and expertise!

  • You’ll have everything you need to master the inner and outer game so

that you can increase your income while you decrease your to-do list. 

BONUS!!! Making a lot more money means you are helping A LOT more

people with what you are meant to do (because I know it’s not just about

income for you…it’s also about impact)

What’s the investment for The Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Momentum with your Media and Mindset through Peace and Positivity?

I’ll happily share that with you if you feel like you’re ready to make this commitment and take the next level in your business so that you can attract your dream clients and income.

Because my clients have been having such amazing results, after the end of the month, the program price jumps up, so be sure to sign up ASAP.

As long as you are committed to showing up with me at a high level and implement for the next 12 weeks, you’ll have success in your back pocket in no time.

Excited for what is possible for you  in the next 12 weeks! 

P.S. If you sign up today we can get started with your VIP session within the next week and start creating your  path to your consistent multi-six figure year and beyond. 

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