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You want organic growth and efforts that actually translate into payingh clients. Marketers know that consumers now make their decisions based on personal feelings, and getting direct referrals is the #1 way to make customers feel like they need to be spending their money with you now.

How I helped businesses just like yours get new paying customers and clients from my organic Facebook and Instagram audience:

Family Travel and Living

Infinity Custom Homes just signed a new million-dollar home buyer from my audience, from our MEDIA photo and film brand having a shoot there and me posting about it and tagging them and checking in with my posts!

Someone from my audience booked their stay at  The Marriot Courtyard in Bethesda, PA from me posting pics of my kiddos and I enjoying our stay there just a short subway trip to DC.

People flocked from out of town to stay at the Hilton Home 2 Suites after a campaign featuring photos and cell grabs posted to my social accounts about their hotel.

Sustainable and International Fashion

Boutique La Passerelle now has loyal shoppers from my audience, as a result of me posting photos of their clothes in my stories and tagging them!

Treasure House Fashions gets regular new customers regularly that turn into loyal donors and volunteers from me posting about their bag sales to my social!

Organic and Minimalist Dining and Cooking Ideas

Oil & Vinegar had new customers walk through their doors within hours from seeing just one post that I posted to my Facebook about her shop! These customers then turned into returning customers too!

The Big Salad  had customers pulling into their parking lot from my Facebook audience as I was pulling out from eating my lunch and posting pics of my salad and kiddos enjoying their giant pepper grinder!

Because these businesses have been having such tremendous results, and I am getting more and more requests to do this, I am now offering this as a paid service – in exchange for me:

Attending your business or event and posting about it twice beforehand to create a buzz (You know how effective Fomo is!)

My signature Minimalist Method to Maximum Momentum is different than your typical influencers who boast thousands of followers and likes and comments. I focus to closely connect with your dream client who loves family travel ideas for large families and elite mompreneurs, organic and minimalistic dining ideas, and sustainable female fashion specifically in a way that makes the find your business irresistible

Creating a story sequence the day of showing the before, during, and after, displaying specific pleasures your dream audience is craving to get them in your door.

Personally referring my audience to you so that you get loyal high-end customer engagement (I’ve got thousands of followers on Facebook between all of our accounts, and thousands no Instagram as well between all of our accounts).

BONUS if you reserve us by the end of next week to do this, we’ll even include a blog post featuring your business in our MEDIAZINE so that you get an organic boost to your SEO, that we’ll then e-mail out to our thousands in our e-mail audience as well! ​

How does this sound to you? Reach out to me to get on our schedule – we’re booked out months in advance, and you’ll want to make the most of this to reach your income goals in 2020!

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